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A brief about Prof. Agarwal (Embedded Technology Guru)
Engineer by Profession, Expertise in Controlling Rejection & Wastage from Production flooors, Developed more than 1000 solutions for all type of Industries food, cable, chemical, power etc. He was called Embedded Technology Guru in 2001 at ESTI Delhi & Technology MAN at ALEAP Hyderabad.

Prog. Agarwal with President

Due to Innovating Naveen Samay Chakr: and Pranayam Watch at Time Clock Museum & Research Centre Delhi, He was called Janak Naveen Samay Chakr: & Pranayam Watch by Pradhanji of KisanDham, Laadwa, Hisaar and GyanVeer by Panditji of Laadwa, hisaar.

He is also known as Janak ShwaasPathy, Janak TatvLogy & Janak KRD Teechnology of 10 Dimentions.

He was called Prince of Breath at Mumbai and Saanso Kaa Baadshah at Senior Citizens Delhi.

Predicted & Declared begining of Pavan Dev period from 30.03.2006.

Predicted & Declared begining of Folder Period of Kalyug from Akshya tritya, 2009, i.e. 27/04/2009. Transition to be over by May 2013.

Declared and Dedicated ShwaasPathy to the Global Society by initiating the RPSP 19 Research Project to monitor the results. System used were given by ETPO Delhi. Project Launched from Bhairo Mandir, KalkaJi.

First camp orgnaised at NID Ahmedabad for their faculty and students for 3 days, 1 hr/day.

The results were measured and within 3 days the improvement shown by 100% people ranging from min. 5% to as high as 30% in their Shunkhs the measuring unit of Lungs Efficiency using LET 10 measuring System. Prof. Krishnesh of NID validated the use of ShwaasPathy and connectivity of each Praani with the Internet of Brhamaand called KAAL as identified by Prof. Agarwal at TCMRC Delhi.

Developed NOLT Training program to understand Next Orbit of Life from Vedik Technology angle. To make mothers understand the meaning of being Guru of child in real life.

Predicted KalkaJi as the GyanSrot and later on Mr. P.L. Birlaji declared it from Hanuman Mandir KalkaJi.

Declared DevSena kaa Gatthan on 6/6/09 with the sole objective of "Prithvi ko Abhayukt Banane mein Karyarat" to initiate the Anti Global Warming & Anti Pollution Drive.

Declared 27/04/09 as Kartvya Bodh Divas, Means Shift the thought phylosophy from Right to Get to Responsibility to Act.

Declared 25/12 as GLOWINT day, Global Integration day on 25/12/08 Means Freedom from Regionalism.

Developed ETG Bhaarat a new Education system with the motto "Gyan ki Aur". This was declared from VidyaSthali of Krishn: at Gyan Bhandar Ujjain.

On the sudden Demise of his Father P.K. Agarwal, he declared 1st may being his Birth date as NOLT Day and free NOLT training will be provided at GyanSrot in the month of May and July.

More than 800 cammps across the country have been put up and lacs of people have taken advantage of ShwaasPathy in camps and various KRD Centres in many cities. Infact Science Express an exhibition train run by Vikram Sarabhai Space centra Ahmedabad carried the ShwaasPathy Demonstration setup and travelled across the country in 22 states for 6 months returned by end May 09.
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